Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Another early oil on canvas. This time about my relatives. The theme looks terribly "Children of the Corn," and the girl's frighteningly Neanderthal-ish. Too bad. Again, poor photo - I will defend the composition and actual use of paint - have to get some detail on here. I'm particularly proud of the rendering of the sunflowers.

Anyway, Grant Wright (my not so great-uncle), used to line his children up in their Kansas farmhouse, point his shotgun at them, and threaten to shoot. One day, in a jealous rage, he murdered his wife while out on a picnic, or so I'm told. Then he came home and went after the children. They escaped to the corn fields, where they hid successfully until daddy blew his brains out.

A French ami has suggested I do a series about American Violence.


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